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“Unfortunately, we currently have no vacancy open in which it is permissible not to switch to the Dutch language or where English is sufficient in itself.”

Unfortunately, we often have to say this sentence to people who wants to integrate in the Dutch society. To integrate well in the Netherlands, it is important to get to work. But it is also very difficult if you do not yet master the language well enough.


Integration means more than learning the Dutch language. People come to the Netherlands for a better future, but also because they have fled because the country of origin is not safe. Imagine, you come to the Netherlands and you have no job, no network, no suitable diploma and limited language skills. Then you are already 3-0 behind on the labour market. In addition, people can suffer from mental problems that can hinder the integration process. In summary, there is much more to it to be able to exist well in society.

Now you’re probably wondering, ‘Okay, but how can I integrate properly?’ Well, luckily there are a number of options. In the Netherlands you can follow an integration course, but this can also be done through self-study. You can find everything about this on the website of the government and on the website:

Doing an integration course can give you a lot of advantages. Learning to speak the Dutch language offers many advantages for building a private life, but it is also an important factor in employment, especially in West Friesland. This ensures effective communication on the workplace and offers more opportunities for promotion. This is because it shows that you as an employee are committed to the company, your communication skills are good and can therefore work more effectively          . This offers more opportunities in different sectors which results in better growth and career opportunities.

In addition to increasing your chances on the labour market, it also makes it possible to meet people and make friends. Also it offers opportunities to take up a sport, pursue your hobbies and develop your talents. It is especially important that you feel safe, trusted and loved to build a happy life.


Altogether, it can be challenging and tensive to integrate in the Netherlands and learning the language takes time and energy. But by just starting with small steps you will get where you want to be to create a beautiful, loving and happy life in the Netherlands.



Melissa Smit


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